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For the people who kinda have their shit together, but also totally don’t.

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What Your Animal Professionals Really Want You to Know

Respect your animal professionals. And I mean, respect the fuck out of them. That is not a kind request. It is a firm demand. Because I am tired of being nice at the expense of my own well being. Honestly, I’m just overall tired. And I learned recently that I’m not alone. From kennel techs,…

Quit The Toxic Job…Yes This Is A Sign

*names have been changed Quit the toxic job. Quit the toxic job. Quit the toxic job. I don’t give a shit if you work at the local fast food joint or you are CEO of a big corporation. If it is costing you your mental health. Quit. The. Fucking. Job. I can not stress this…

That’s So OCD

My car is a mess, I don’t need everything in a certain spot, I don’t have tics, I don’t have to brush both sides of my hair three times, I am the farthest thing from organized and I’m not a germaphobe. So there is no way I have OCD, right? These are the general misconceptions…

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